"Nothing beats the thrill of receiving keys to your home. You enter the front door knowing it’s yours, and your imagination runs wild with future possibilities. As you construct a life for yourself and your family, each room becomes a scrapbook for your emotions, milestones, and happy years."


  • Residential sale, purchase, transfers of title and mortgage transactions
  • Assignment Transactions
  • Commercial & residential leases
  • Power of sale
  • Private lending
  • Matrimonial and estate property matters
  • GST/HST rebate applications/Land transfer tax applications
  • Title insurance and tarion matters
  • Provincial and Federal Incorporations
  • Compliance and Registrations

  • Notary Public Services
  • Independent Legal Advice

Residential Real Estate

Whether selling, buying or refinancing, your real estate transaction is a significant investment that we care about, as much as you do. We have assisted investors, first-time buyers, sellers, purchasers, and non-residents in their sale, purchase or refinance.

Assignment Transactions

Many professionals steer clear of assignment transactions due to the complexities involved. Multi-parties, multi-representatives and the risks associated with these transactions necessitate an experienced legal adviser to guide you through the process, protect your interests and logically conduct the assignment.

Power of Sale

We assist banks in enforcing their security under loan agreements and carefully exercising their rights of foreclosure and power of sale. We also assist purchasers of properties under the power of sale and ensuring that good title is obtained. Understanding the procedures is vital to ensure that a valid and unobjectionable power of sale exists.

Private Lending

The business of lending has become popular in a thriving and competitive market. As an alternative or only option for some borrowers, private lending businesses offer quick loan products at higher rates. We counsel businesses to ensure that they are compliant with new lending legislation, as well as documenting the loan and security. Individuals loaning money to family or friends for purchase often require our assistance to ensure their rights are properly secured.

Matrimonial and Estate Property Matters

We have been employed on numerous occasions to deal with property split registrations, matrimonial dispute transfers, matrimonial home right registrations, survivorship applications, transfers to personal representatives and many estate-related transfers.

GST/HST and Land Transfer Tax Applications

We can assist in obtaining your rebates if not received at source for nominal fees.

Title Insurance & Tarion Matters

We can assist in obtaining existing homeowner insurance and assessing and submitting any title insurance claims. Clients often instruct us to assist in the interpretation of the TARION new home warranty rules and regulations to assist them in obtaining compensation for various issues they encounter with new homes.

Provincial and Federal Incorporations (Ontario and Canada)

We will assist with the name search under the regulations and set up the corporation under federal and or provincial laws.

Corporate Organizations (Preparation of Minute Book)

We can assist in ensuring all company documents are contained in a minute book. We will set up by-laws, resolutions, authorizations, share certificates and registers making it easy for you to comply with updates to the companies registry and maintaining your company on paper.

Business Name Searches and Registrations

Companies may branch out or wish to operate under different business names. We can assist with managing registrations.

Drafting, Review and Negotiation of Commercial Agreements

We can tailor commercial agreements to your needs or thoroughly review and negotiate agreements to ensure you are at a competitive advantage.

Notary and commissioner of oaths services available for various applications and documents. We are also able to prepare any documents and declarations that you may require to have notarized or commissioned. Quick appointments are available.

Independent legal advice for guarantors, spousal transfers or any other real estate issue can be provided at short notice with quick appointments at a reasonable fee.

Need assistance in preparing legal documents- contact us to see if we can help.

Wills ensure the orderly distribution of your assets, payment obligations and even guardianship of any children, after your demise.

Powers of attorney allow you to manage your affairs in your absence or incapacity. Powers of Attorney can be drafted for personal care or property for any general, limited or specific purposes.

We can help you to draft the legal documents to reflect your wishes and requirements.


Morzaria Law delivering the highest quality of legal services in real estate and corporate matters.

Our clients include buyers, sellers, real estate brokers and agents, non-resident investors, real estate developers, builders, contractors, subcontractors, property management firms, entrepreneurs and small businesses, lending institutions, private lenders and investors.

We believe in nurturing our relationships with our clients so that you have a high degree of comfort and trust in us. A loyal client base is a measure of our success.

We focus our energy on turning expertise into effective, real solutions that work in the real world. We work hard to ensure satisfaction.


Value added by having your file handled by a lawyer from beginning to end

Pro-active in achieving completion and goals

Thorough, organized and detailed approach

Ability to recognize potential problems at early stages and provide strategic and practical solutions

Timely, responsive and accessible service

Fixed fee structure (Flat fee available)

Competitive rates

Conveniently located

Flexible working hours (Evening and Weekend virtual appointments)


Our fees are reasonable and competitive. We offer discounts to return clients and referred clients. Special promotions may also apply from time to time if you are purchasing within specific development projects. Contact our office for free quotations.

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Ontario LAND TRANSFER Tax Calculator

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Ontario Land Transfer Tax

Provincial Land Transfer Tax

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Toronto LAND TRANSFER Tax Calculator

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Toronto Land Transfer Tax

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Provincial Land Transfer Tax

Total Land Transfer Tax

Disclaimer*:This calculator is provided to you for Informational and estimation purposes only. Your actual Land Transfer Tax should be independently calculated and verified

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Check that you have two pieces of valid Canadian government ID.


A Canadian Passport or Permanent Resident Card and a Drivers Licence is typically required

Non-Residents of Canada Selling a Property in Canada

If you are a non-resident for income tax purposes as per Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), your lawyer will need to holdback 25-50% of the sale proceeds until you have received a clearance certificate from Canada Revenue Agency.


HST Rebates

Non-resident Sellers

First Time Buyers Land Transfer Tax

Foreign Buyers


Trained and qualified as a lawyer in London, England in 2001, Sejal re-located to Toronto in 2004.Committed to the profession of legal services, Sejal obtained her Canadian accreditation in Tax and Constitutional Law before commencing the Ontario Bar. After completing her articles, Sejal worked at a reputable downtown law firm. Her current practice includes real estate, mortgage work, leasing, corporate and wills.

Sejal’s determination, energy and enthusiasm drives her to deliver practical, common-sense solutions to every legal challenge. Sejal is a buyer, seller, investor, tenant and landlord - real estate is what she knows!

Sejal provides consultations to other legal counsel and has written articles and conducted seminars on her areas of practice.


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