Real Estate

Residential Sale, Purchase, Transfers of title and Mortgage transactions

We have assisted investors, first time buyers, sellers, buyers, and non-residents in their sale, purchase or refinance matters.

Condominium Assignment Transactions

Many professionals steer clear of assignment transactions due to the complexities involved. Multi-parties, multi-representatives and the risks associated with these transactions necessitate an experienced legal adviser to guide you through the process, protect your interests and logically conduct the assignment.

Commercial & Residential Leases

We have assisted restaurants, IT businesses, clothing stores, salons, and art galleries in preparing and providing legal opinions of commercial lease space. There is no such thing as a standard lease, the type of business you conduct shall dictate necessary provisions in the written lease agreement.

Power of Sale

We assist banks in enforcing their security under loan agreements and carefully exercising their rights of foreclosure and power of sale. We also assist purchasers of properties under power of sale and ensuring that good title is obtained. Understanding the procedures is vital to ensure that a valid and unobjectionable power of sale exists.

Private Lending

The business of lending has become popular in a thriving and competitive market. As an alternative or only option for some borrowers, private lending businesses offer quick loan products at higher rates. We counsel businesses to ensure that they are compliant with new lending legislation, as well as documenting the loan and security.  Individuals loaning money to family or friends for the purchase often require our assistance to ensure their rights are properly secured.

Brokerage Representation

We have assisted brokerages in property and business dispute matters

Matrimonial and Estate Property matters

We have been employed on numerous occasions to deal with property split registrations, matrimonial dispute transfers, matrimonial home right registrations, survivorship applications, transfers to personal representatives and many estate related transfers.  

GST/HST and Land transfer tax applications

We can assist in obtaining your rebates if not received at source for nominal fees.

Title insurance & Tarion matters

We can assist in obtaining existing homeowner insurance and well as assessment and submission of any title insurance claims.

Clients often instruct us to assist in the interpretation of the TARION new home warranty rules and regulations to assist them in obtaining compensation for various issues they encounter with new homes.


Real Estate

  • Residential sale, purchase, transfers of title and mortgage transactions
  • Condominium assignment transactions
  • Commercial & residential leases
  • Power of sale
  • Private lending
  • Brokerage representation
  • Matrimonial and estate property matters
  • GST/HST rebate applications/Land transfer tax applications
  • Title insurance and tarion matters


  • Provincial and federal Incorporations
  • Compliance and registrations


  • Temporary residence
  • Permanent Residence
  • Settlement

Other Services

  • Notary Public Services
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Independent Legal Advice