Temporary residence

Temporary admission requirements differ based on the category under which you seek to enter Canada. We are able to guide you through the application process and criteria to ensure that your admission and stay is uninterrupted by immigration processes.  Leave the immigration procedures to us whilst you focus on the purpose of your visit. Temporary admission categories include:

  • Visitors & Transitors
  • Workers
  • Business Visit Workers/work permit holders
  • Students

Permanent Residence

Many foreign nationals seek to become permanent residents of Canada for various reasons, be it family re-union, work opportunities and or access to education and health care. Permanent residency can be achieved through various categories and we can assess your specific circumstances to ensure that the correct application is chosen. Various categories:

  • Family class
  • Skilled workers
  • Business class- Investor/entrepreneurs/self-employed


Whether you require assistance with your citizenship application, passport application, renewals or extensions under any categories we can assist.



Real Estate

  • Residential sale, purchase, transfers of title and mortgage transactions
  • Condominium assignment transactions
  • Commercial & residential leases
  • Power of sale
  • Private lending
  • Brokerage representation
  • Matrimonial and estate property matters
  • GST/HST rebate applications/Land transfer tax applications
  • Title insurance and tarion matters


  • Provincial and federal Incorporations
  • Compliance and registrations


  • Temporary residence
  • Permanent Residence
  • Settlement

Other Services

  • Notary Public Services
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Independent Legal Advice